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14 Jan

The Home Moderne hotel is located just 3 km from Montparnasse train station, easily reachable by bus 95 or by metro lines 12 and 13 of, we welcome many customers who wish to be close to this district. Montparnasse is more than a station, it is a real Parisian district with its multitude of cinemas, creperies and theaters.

But we have this question: Where does the word Mont Parnasse come from?

Its origin is in Greek mythology, there was a mountain in the center of the country on which the God Apollo received its 9 muses, this idyllic place was venerated at the time.

In the 17th century cultivated students recited poems on a kind of hillock next to the catacombs, so the place was quickly baptized Montparnasse in reference to the Greek God. This place of exchange would be today between boulevard du Montparnasse and boulevard Raspail.

Soon the district became an artistic place of the well known names like Picasso, Apollinaire, Cocteau or Hemingway established there their residence.

After the 60’s, the neighborhood has lost some of its cultural attraction and many buildings have been built. The Montparnasse tower was inaugurated in 1973, 210 meters high, it was for a long time the tallest tower in Paris, subsequently destroyed by the First Tower (2011)

But the neighborhood has kept its artistic side and there are many cinemas and we particularly appreciate the theaters, rue de la Gaite in particular.