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17 Feb

La Coupole a must do in Paris

Not far from the hotel Home Moderne, in the heart of the Montparnasse district, a restaurant or rather an institution is to discover. This is the restaurant La Coupole, located at 102 boulevard du Montparnasse. This typical Parisian brasserie, exists since 1927, its art deco decor will make you travel in time. Indeed, each element of decoration recalls a particular style, so that the pillars in imitation marble and the cubist mosaics are classified in World Heritage of Unesco. Two men are at the origin of the Coupole, Ernest Fraux and René Lafont, two Auvergnats. The list of regulars of the time is long but the All Paris cultural went there. We think in particular of Kisling, Picasso, Aragon, Joséphine Baker, Henri Miller … As and for decades, the place was always frequented by artists (Gainsbourg thereafter, Renaud, Patti Smith ..) The building is composed of two floors with an area of 800 m², the building is supported by 32 pillars that plunge to 12 meters in the ground with a height of 5 meters. The name La Coupole was blown away by a stranger as if to remind the neighboring restaurants the Dome and the “”Rotonde”. In January 1988,...
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3 Feb

The World Tourism Fair

From Thursday 15/03 to Sunday 18/03 will be held in Paris Porte de Versailles the Tourism Fair. This show is organized around 6 themes: -Travel differently: ideal for those who like to go on an adventure, you can meet globe trotters who will share their experience and their know-how. For those who want to travel “responsible” tourism fair is for you, you can discuss with committed professionals. To travel differently also for those who have handicaps because it is time to put our accommodations and tourist offers to the standards! -Accommodation: Hotels, bed and breakfast, unusual accommodation, or outdoor accommodation, you will find your happiness. Come discover those who will make you dream. -With the family: It is not always easy to travel in family, it is necessary to please everyone! Whether the destination is nature, mountain, sea or cultural, you will have a good holiday with your children! -Culture and Heritage: Organizing a weekend in London? Do you have a language study stay? Make wine tourism? or to pay homage to the missing in a duty of memory? The tourism fair will offer you what you want. -Unforgettable trips: meet the most beautiful animals in the world? to cross...
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29 Jan

The 15th arrondissement, a district to discover

People say that the 15th is a sad and uninteresting area, it’s bad to know it! Here are some good reasons to love this neighborhood: • The gardens : André Citroën Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks of Paris, with an area of 14 hectares, it was inaugurated in 1992 and it offers a beautiful view of the Seine. We can discover 3 themes: The White Garden, the Black Garden and the Central Park. Ideal to relax or walk with family, we strongly advise you to go there in the spring. Right next to the Home Moderne hotel, you also have the Brassens Park which pays tribute to the famous poet and singer. Until the 18th century, there were vineyards in this location and then in 1894, stood slaughterhouses. The park offers a vertical landscape, a river with a small bridge and a belvedere. True trail of scents, you will also discover the hive. • Montparnasse tower : we advise our guests to climb to the top of the Tower, the view is impressive and even better than that of the Eiffel Tower! Very easy to reach from the hotel, take either the metro line 12 or...
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22 Jan

The Paris Fair

Every year, the Paris Fair takes place at the Porte de Versailles and offers a multitude of exhibitors. This show is a must for all the curious! Indeed, it is first of all a veritable cavern for furnishing and decoration; You will discover objects of brands and creators in order to beautify your interior. You can also find all the ideas and materials for small and large works, inside or outside, you will have everything you need in the same space. Surprise this year, overseas is in the spotlight with shows and parades to make you discover these countries high in color and flavor! In addition, you should come to the Paris fair to taste the specialties of each region, you can either discover one of the restaurants, or participate in the free cooking workshops, or leave with a basket full of products of the terroir. The beginning of the story: The Paris fair has been created since 1904! Indeed after the great Universal Exhibition of 1900, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry created in 1903, the Committee of Exhibitions of Paris, it used to be in the 3rd district . The fair will be greeted at the Porte de...
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14 Jan

The Home Moderne hotel is located just 3 km from Montparnasse train station, easily reachable by bus 95 or by metro lines 12 and 13 of, we welcome many customers who wish to be close to this district. Montparnasse is more than a station, it is a real Parisian district with its multitude of cinemas, creperies and theaters. But we have this question: Where does the word Mont Parnasse come from? Its origin is in Greek mythology, there was a mountain in the center of the country on which the God Apollo received its 9 muses, this idyllic place was venerated at the time. In the 17th century cultivated students recited poems on a kind of hillock next to the catacombs, so the place was quickly baptized Montparnasse in reference to the Greek God. This place of exchange would be today between boulevard du Montparnasse and boulevard Raspail. Soon the district became an artistic place of the well known names like Picasso, Apollinaire, Cocteau or Hemingway established there their residence. After the 60’s, the neighborhood has lost some of its cultural attraction and many buildings have been built. The Montparnasse tower was inaugurated in 1973, 210 meters high, it was for...
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7 Jan

The holidays do not ever end thus?? :)

After Christmas, after the new year eve , here is the moment to taste the Twelfth-Night pancake. Some people prefer the Pancake filled with Almond paste, others like what we call Pithiviers consisted to 100% of cream of almond and finally there are the ardent supporters of the brioche-like crown. No matter what we like, the main thing is to share a good moment! Before 1960s, Epiphanie was a day holiday which fallen 06/01, we tasted then the cake 05/01 in the evening. But Vatican decided on it otherwise  and the celebration had to be made on first Sunday of January. Certain countries as Spain and Poland kept the date of 06/01. The French, greedy take advantage of it to eat it all January long! If in Spain the day of kings, January 06th, children receive presents, the pancake has nothing to do on the other hand with the religion. Indeed, it was a question of celebrating the winter solstice, convenient to the divinations. Moreover certain members of a religious order of the time set face against this custom bound to the too festive pancake to their taste (Lutheran, Calvinist …) In the roman time, there were the Saturnalia during...
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31 Dec

Our nice tips for restaurants!

Do you want to discover two very good restaurants in the 15th dsitrict ? A few steps from the hotel Home Moderne, we have tested and loved for you the two restaurants Le Grand Pan and Le Petit Pan. Referenced on great guides such as Michelin, Le Grand Pan will surprise you with its simplicity and quality of food. Typical neighborhood bistro with tables and wooden chair, counter and slates, you will feel at home! The Chef, Benoit Gauthier, who worked with Chrsitian Etchebest, offers a qualitative, generous and delicious cuisine. Specializing in meat, ideally cooked on the grill, you will psend a nice moment.of conviviality and gastronomy. http://www.legrandpan.fr/ 20, rue Rosenwald – 75015 Paris Reservations : 01 42 50 02 50 Only by phone Métro : Plaisance (L13) et Convention (L12) Right next door, the Petit Pan, delicious and fresh seasonal dishes. A neighborhood bistro that will become your canteen during your Parisian stays. Several formulas are possible, takeaway for lunch (perfect if you visit Paris all day) or eat locally with very affordable formulas (16.50 €). In the evening, change of mood, the menu offers French tapas, the wine list offers a very good quality, everyone is talking, it’s almost...
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16 Dec

Shopping at Beaugrenelle Center !

If you are staying at the Hotel Home Moderne, http://www.hotel-homemoderne.fr/ and you have not made your Christmas presents yet, we strongly advise you to discover the superb shopping mall Beaugrenelle. Very easy to access from the hotel (take the bus 62 and stop at Saint Charles) you will discover a wonderful place of shopping. For the Christmas period, shows are scheduled every weekend! Four time slots per day 15h30 / 16h30 / 17h30 and 18h30: The show of the movie Santa and Co. The Christmas Choir The Parade of the Elves Those shows are magically made for all ages. At only few steps from the Eiffel Tower and the river Seine, the center offers multiple choices of restaurants, many fashion stores, decoration and high tech shop. Labels for all budgets, from Zara through Mango to finish at Zadig and Voltaire, you can do all your shopping. As it is fashionable, you’ll find pop up stores such as Papa Boun, Daniel Wellington and Cocobello open till January. Want a relaxing break? Try one of the restaurants, Italian, Asian, burgers or Lebanese, your taste buds will wriggle. And to end your perfect day, why not go for a movie? You will enjoy...
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