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2 Nov

Discover the museums of Paris on virtual tours !

Even during lockdown, visiting the Parisian museums and their beautiful collections is still possible !

Here is a selection of the best digital tours, to visit the best exhibitions while staying on our couch :

  • The Louvre museum:
    Thanks to its website, you can admire the magnificent artworks exhibited in the museum. You can choose between different formats : podcasts, cartoons, videos, games … everything is possible to discover the different collections !
  • The Palace of Versailles:
    Enjoy a visit to the most famous castle in the world, in the form of a video guided tour that you will find on the chateau’s Youtube channel, on the mobile application but also on the website. Walks around the castle, themed tours .. but also youtube lives during lockdown to ask all the questions we want !
  • The Centre Pompidou:
    You will find an important digital offer on the centre pompidou’s website, accessible on all screens. There you will find numerous visits to the various exhibitions, themed podcasts, focus on specific artworks, as well as masterclasses and training courses.
  • The Grand Palais:
    In addition to virtual tours, the museum site offers many activities: games, quizzes, stories and anecdotes, video series, studies of artworks …
  • L’Atelier des Lumières :
    It invites you to discover its various digital exhibitions, but also, several times a week, a particular artwork and many more activities !