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3 Feb

The World Tourism Fair

From Thursday 15/03 to Sunday 18/03 will be held in Paris Porte de Versailles the Tourism Fair.

This show is organized around 6 themes:

-Travel differently: ideal for those who like to go on an adventure, you can meet globe trotters who will share their experience and their know-how. For those who want to travel “responsible” tourism fair is for you, you can discuss with committed professionals. To travel differently also for those who have handicaps because it is time to put our accommodations and tourist offers to the standards!

-Accommodation: Hotels, bed and breakfast, unusual accommodation, or outdoor accommodation, you will find your happiness. Come discover those who will make you dream.

-With the family: It is not always easy to travel in family, it is necessary to please everyone! Whether the destination is nature, mountain, sea or cultural, you will have a good holiday with your children!

-Culture and Heritage: Organizing a weekend in London? Do you have a language study stay? Make wine tourism? or to pay homage to the missing in a duty of memory? The tourism fair will offer you what you want.

-Unforgettable trips: meet the most beautiful animals in the world? to cross the desert? Discover the Fjords? so many unforgettable and fantastic journeys.

-Books and editions: Traveling is not necessarily easy, too much work, a limited budget, but nothing prevents you from traveling quietly in your sofa! take the time to discover the magazines and tourist guides.

The World Tourism Fair will open your eyes and mind, it will make you want to leave, to discover and let you go!
The show is open from March 15th to March 18th, Porte de Versailles at Pavilion 4, from 10h to 19h, closed on Sunday at 18h
We remind you that the Pore de Versailles is only 10 minutes walk from the Modern Home Hotel and 5 minutes by tram.