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29 Jan

The 15th arrondissement, a district to discover

People say that the 15th is a sad and uninteresting area, it’s bad to know it!
Here are some good reasons to love this neighborhood:

• The gardens :
André Citroën Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks of Paris, with an area of 14 hectares, it was inaugurated in 1992 and it offers a beautiful view of the Seine. We can discover 3 themes: The White Garden, the Black Garden and the Central Park. Ideal to relax or walk with family, we strongly advise you to go there in the spring.
Right next to the Home Moderne hotel, you also have the Brassens Park which pays tribute to the famous poet and singer. Until the 18th century, there were vineyards in this location and then in 1894, stood slaughterhouses. The park offers a vertical landscape, a river with a small bridge and a belvedere. True trail of scents, you will also discover the hive.
• Montparnasse tower :
we advise our guests to climb to the top of the Tower, the view is impressive and even better than that of the Eiffel Tower! Very easy to reach from the hotel, take either the metro line 12 or 13 (direct route) or bus 95.
• A neighborhood of artists and pretty corners:
Villa Santos Dumont: this is a private road with independent houses, gardens and lofts of artists, a change of scenery!
The city of artist, the Ruche: http://laruche-artistes.fr/ The hive is a city of artists with fifty workshops, unfortunately only residents and rare privileged have the right to return . You can take a look, however, it only takes a 5-minute walk to the Modern Home.
Georges Brassens and Jacques Prévert also lived in the 15th, which adds to the artist’s side.
• Restaurants not to be missed:
The Benkay: http://www.restaurant-benkay.com/restaurant-japonais-paris/
Basque driving: http://levolantbasque.fr/en
The Fifteenth: http://www.restaurantlequinzieme.com/
The Parisian beach: http://www.laplageparisienne.fr/
The big pan: http://www.legrandpan.fr/the-restaurant/

The Home Moderne Hotel is the ideal place to discover these places, do not hesitate to contact us if necessary!