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  1. GNU Flare.

    The GNU Flare is an application with the task of emulating the functionality of the FLARE tool window utility, which was created within the X11 window operating system.
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  3. Passro is a pretty good application. But, its package, interface, usability and design all forced me to rate it two stars less, than I would have with things like uBlock Origin and Arbor Mist. But, on this popularity curve, they rank this right above Firefox’s Safe Browsing extension, which was 3 stars.

    Is it worth paying for? When looking at just the basics, Yes it is.
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  4. Gig.ly extends its social events platform to let you schedule and share live meeting highlights with compelling photos in a single click. If you want to share the most memorable moments from your real-time or retrospective meetings with your team or co-workers, Gig.ly works as a replacement for your email or social media in this aspect. You can share meeting highlights directly from Gig.ly without attaching any files.
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    Trial version of AVS Video Editor is available for download for free. However, it’s required to purchase the full version and license key. To do so, you can unlock the full version and get its registration code using the freeware or a tool that you find online.
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  6. The Sidebar for YouTube addon is created and maintained by the developer Avast, though the icon is provided by Sidebar for Firefox add-on creator Peter Wacks. The extension can be downloaded from the developer’s website here.
    Not the best solution to watch YouTube videos in the sidebar of Firefox


    Details & review of the extension does not mention any AdBlock features at all.

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  7. As for the program’s version history, you have at least seven releases, up to version 8.1.0 as of this writing.
    It is, from our point of view, a well-developed application.
    USB Image Tool is an important app to consider for your next backup or restore process.
    You get a portable, efficient, and easy-to-use application that is no-frills, but highly promising.

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  8. On top of that, this tool will be an excellent make-shift solution in case you need to hide a window that can be peeked by someone and seen by someone else.

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    Open file for viewing/editing using the built-in text editor.

    Password Security

    Copy the passwords stored in the password DB and place it in a safe and secure place.

    Portable Password Keeper

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    Last update: 23.03.2018
    Usage Information: PDF Optimizer is a project that will take an input directory of PDF files and create a new directory containing the optimized (or parent) directory for that PDF.
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  10. Free Email Sender is a simple-to-use Java-based program developed for sending large quantities of email messages that won’t fail or take too much time for you to send email by hand.

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  11. Scubadoo Game – First Look Review

    Scubadoo Game is a series of adventure animations that tell the story of survival in the shark-infested waters of the bay.

    The scenes in the game are painted directly onto the screen, as seen through the depth sound vision of your mobile device. Viewing from the side simulates a human eye.

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  12. It’s a simple application to use, as it only requires you to add source documents of your choice and have Office installed. You can even customise the output format while working.

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    It is Tuesday. I watched in a few minutes ago the video of second official beta release of Android N.

    As I’m into the p.o.v. of the release, I thought that I share it with my readers.

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  15. One can think of the software as a virtual barcode reader.

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