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30 Nov

The Parisian bridges

To pass from a side to the other one, and sometimes by stopping on islands in the middle of the Seine, as Saint Louis Island, the bridges of Paris are linked on 13 kilometers along the river.
All different, these bridges were built over the centuries, reflecting the fashion of the time and varying building materials.

The oldest Bridge of Paris, the Pont Neuf was built in the second half of XVIth century to allow the connection between the Louvre, royal house and the new districts of the left side. Its construction was decided in 1577 by Henri III.
Sublime Bridge Alexandre III, 154 meters in length for a 45 meter width was built by the engineers Résal and Amédée Alby for the World Fair of 1900 and just like the Eiffel Tower found its place in Paris.

The Bridge Bir-Hakeim, the bridge with floor, is a bridge viaduct of 2 levels built in 1903 and 1904 by the engineer Biette with the architect Camille Jean Formigé for the crossing of the Seine by the south circular line of the subway.
The Pont des Arts was built between 1801 and 1804, reconstructed in 1984, this archetypal tourist place was the favorite place of the Lovers who came to seal their love by fixing a padlock to balustrades. However padlocks were removed because the weight had become too heavy for the bridge. We let you discover where is the new place lovers chose to put them!