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1 Aug

A little piece of heaven for readers

Along the park George Brassens, under Les Halles where we used to find slaughterhouses for horses, is since 1987 the market of the old and second-hand books. Only a few steps from the hotel, in the same street, you will find every Saturday and Sunday of the year this exceptional market which has been established in the Parisian life. In this big market, there are books for all the tastes and all the budgets. We find about 200 exhibitors there and every bookseller has its speciality: old, second-hand, history, novel, old magazines, poetry, sciences, etc. The booksellers are fascinating and the conversations that escape from the Halles are very interesting. You will find beautiful editions with leather bounds, many beautiful engravings but also more recent editions. Many collectors go to the market to find the one book in a million, just like a book hunt! Practical information : On Saturdays and Sundays From 9am until 6pm 104 rue Brancion, 75015 Subway stop : Porte de Vanves
21 Jul

La Villette makes its cinema!

For its 27th edition, the cinema full of air of the Villette makes its return from July 20 to August 20! And La Villette has a concoct menu with onions. There is more to enjoy! Between The Skin of Jacques Demy, The Ratatouille of Brad Bird, The Seed and the Mule by Abdellatif Kechiche, The Party by Blake Edwards, The Delights of Tokyo by Naomi Kawase, The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, The Feast of Babette By Gabriel Axel, The Lunchbox by Ritesh Batra, Stranger than Paradise by Jim Jarmush or a Lastman night, the choice is going to be hard! Last night, it will take place this Saturday, July 22 from 3 pm until the early morning. Lastman is first a comic book published since 2013 by Casterman made by the trio Vivès, Balak, Sanlaville. It is in 2016 that the characters of the comic book become animated by becoming the characters of a television series for Adults (series of Jérémie Perin). A day not to be missed! Find the detailed programming of the day on: https://lavillette.com/evenement/cinema-lastman/ But that’s not all ! For its 10 years, L’Eté du Canal joins forces with La Villette and concocts unprecedented cruises...
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7 Jun

Already 100 years!

On the occasion of the centenary of his death, the Grand Palais honors the sculptor Auguste Rodin. Auguste Rodin is one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the 19th century, considered one of the fathers of modern sculpture. Indeed, before much else it will integrate in its work “the accident”, the assembly, the collage and the partial figure. On the occasion of the centenary of his death, the exhibition takes a fresh look at this artist and invites collectors and other artists of his time Bourdelle, Claudel, Brancusi, Picasso or Richier, allowing to see and understand the power Of his genius. The exhibition has 3 parts: – The first and the second are turned around the main stages of the artist: Expressionist Rodin, and his desire to make the bodies speak in connection with the Gates of Hell, then Rodin the experimenter and his research on the form to return To the very essence of sculpture. – The third gallery is when it devoted to the sculpture of the twentieth century and the way so it has re-appropriated expressionism. The presence of Rodin is there only through his work “The Only Man Who Walks” where...
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28 May

Memorial Impressions

The Musée de l’Homme proposes a new collective photographic exhibition with lectures, meetings, screenings and concert around the theme of slavery throughout history. Impressions Mémorielles is an exhibition that brings together the work of 10 French, African and Brazilian photographers on the theme of the slave trade and slavery: Céline Anaya Gautier, José Bassit, Robert Charlotte, David Damoison, Claudio Edinger, Mirtho Linguet, Fabrice Monteiro, Samuel Nja Kwa, Véronique Vial and Adolphe Catan (1899-1979). Each of them offers an artistic and contemporary look on a subject long repressed, occulted, denigrated. It is a matter of understanding, tracing the traces of slavery through places, manifestations, stigmata and what in time marks the slave trade. After centuries of unequal, unjust and abominable treatment, we must demystify and instruct. The opening date of the exhibition at the Museum of Man, May 10, corresponds to the commemoration day of the abolition of slavery. To commemorate is to pay tribute. Putting the image at the service of the encounter means recognizing and rehabilitating. Around the exhibition, writers, poets, musicians, historians, storytellers exchange with the public so that speech can be freed in the service of collective intelligence. Useful information : * Museum of Man 17 Place...
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19 May

National Geographic is exhibiting at the National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History hosts the mythical “National Geographic” newspaper. This exhibition takes place in the gallery of Mineralogy and Geology, with a hundred photos. You can admire the exceptional quality of his photographs from May 3 to September 18, 2017. No need to stretch out on who is “National Geographic” because after 125 years of existence, National Geographic is one of the most emblematic titles of the world of the press. Diffused in 75 countries in 33 languages ​​and 36 different editions, it was born in 1888 thanks to a small group of explorers and celebrates more than a century of journey in image. And we’re asking for more! It is therefore in a place normally closed to the public that were selected 100 mythical or forgotten photographs, of exceptional quality. Thanks to an immersive scenography, one passes from the abysses of the oceans to the astronomical discoveries thanks to charming changes of atmosphere. We also meet wild predators, animals on the verge of disappearing, people roughly treated … In total, 125 years of travel in the world are proposed to you in program. As Jean-Pierre Vignaud, editor-in-chief of French National Geographic, said, “The better we know...
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15 May

The European Night of Museums 2017

We wanted to offer you something original, something you could do as well with family, as between friends, for all ages. And we found our event “pearl rare”: On the night of Saturday 20 May to Sunday 21 May 2017, museums from all over Europe will come alive. In Paris, more than twenty museums will offer you interactive tours, illuminated visits, games, performances and installations, shows, concerts, workshops … During this magical night, participating museums will be accessible free of charge! What better way to spend an interactive time while cultivating, for both young and old, all for free? You are not in Paris? No worries ! Nearly 3,300 museums participate in the event in about 40 European countries; Enough to satisfy everyone. Of course, with so many museums at your disposal, all your cravings for culture will be filled! To know the details of the programs, do not hesitate to consult the official website: http://www.nuitdesmusees.fr See you on Saturday May 20th at nightfall for an unusual experience.
28 Apr

The life-size escape games in Paris!

It is a concept come from Asia which is now rage in Paris and all over France. In short, the principle is simple: you have to escape from a closed room in less than an hour, in groups of several (2 to 5 in general but possibility to have bigger group). To get there, you’ll have to look for clues and answer puzzles to unlock the adventure. Why is this concept so popular? If life-size escape games are so popular, they are for everyone, at all ages and can be done as a family, as well as between friends or business colleagues! Owl, the boring team building we forget and we build a relationship through the resolution of puzzles that require creativity, logic, speed and team spirit in order to escape the room as quickly as possible! Many different scenarios exist! So to do and to remake, we do not get tired of it. In short, a unique adventure a unique adventure where speed, logic and team spirit will be your best allies You can find the various rooms thanks to the site Topito, which has listed and tested those in Paris but also listed those in the rest of...
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18 Apr

La Foire de Paris (the 113rd edition!) from 27 April to 8 May!

This year again, the fair of Paris will take place in Porte de Versailles for the pleasure of the amateurs of interior design. For the Paris Fair, curiosity is a nice defect! The house and the art of living are the key elements of this event which promises many surprises. This year, for the first time, the fair will open for 12 days. Two more days than previous editions, two more days to please you. The exhibitors of the Paris Fair are still extremely varied in 2017: furniture and decoration, DIY tools, pet shop, garden, appliances, crafts, creative leisure … Several brands have already confirmed their presence: Roche Bobois, Miele, Rideau Veranda, Espace Loggia, Dyson … In the end, everyone will find its account! The complete list of exhibitors present in 2017 is available on the website of the Paris Fair. (Https://www.foiredeparis.fr) This year, Pierre Barbe, the new Director of Communication, intends to include the Paris Fair as the benchmark for housing. A new space has been created to meet all your expectations in this sector. From the renovation (large works, insulation, heating ….) to the layout (kitchen, bathroom …), by way of the interior decoration and the external facilities...
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